Januar 31, 2008

training - acrylic colour doodl from movies

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Nicolás Castell hat gesagt…

Nice, the result is really interesting.

Urban Barbarian hat gesagt…

terrific doodles!

Benjamin von Eckartsberg hat gesagt…

Every shot a hit, bullseye!

Anonym hat gesagt…

fantastic bombastic. great to see how you deal with colors these days.

Tirso Cons hat gesagt…

I love your paintings, Thomy!
Great stuff as always!



Thomas von Kummant hat gesagt…

mr. castell

thank you for your nice words.

hey urban barbarian

i´m very happy you like my work!!
of course we have your fantastic book in our atelier and you are my absolutely favourite artist of drink and draw:-)

benjamin and peter, old cocksuckers

if i wouldn´t know you guys drawing and painting would not be the same:-)

tirsowhat a shame you haven´t been in angouléme!! i met your great colourist there. very nice guy:-) i hope everything is fine in spain and your comic is a great success!!!

Tirso Cons hat gesagt…

Yeap! :-( That's a pity! Ireally hope meet you soon, man! We have some BIG beers to drink! and long time since last time.
Great! you met Javi. Yes, he's a great guy! Regards to Ben too! (yes! you, big long guy! I miss you too!)

strong hugs!!


Julkillo hat gesagt…

Very good color studies!
Hola Tirso,qué dejados nos tienes en el foro ¬¬

Hola también a ti Nico

Anonym hat gesagt…

the batman begins one, is terrific!!