November 27, 2008

nocturno part II

i´m doing a gallery illustration for my friend and great mexican artist "tony sandoval".
this is just a detail. you will see the whole illustration in the second tome of his comic "nocturno".
release will be in the beginning of 2009.

August 17, 2008

much much too early

the artist carlos meglia has died.... he was 50 years old, fantastic artist and as i learned a very nice guy.
my condolences to his family.

Juli 03, 2008

la chronique des immortels

this is the first of five illustrations i will do for the eleventh novel of la chronique des immortels.

Juni 18, 2008

Adriano´s "Sophia" in HEAVY METAL magazine

Sophia Tome 1 "Passe Troube" by my friend adriano de vicentiis was finally issued last week all over united states on Heavy Metal magazine summer issue 2008. It was an honor for me to do the coloring for the cover on Adriano´s fantastic drawing.

April 03, 2008

new cover scetch

i have to come in the mood again:-)
i really like this one better.

Februar 12, 2008

bear studies

i will have to studie bears and horses very hardly for "la chronique des immortels".
here are my first ones. i did them while watching "the edge" and "the bear".
the expressions on an agressive bear are stunning. i will try to catch that for the comic!!

Januar 09, 2008

layoutseite 09


at the weekend i painted my daughter while she was reading harry potter.i don´t know if acrylic is the right technique for me...