Februar 19, 2018

Sri Lanka

I had to draw this workaround of scaffolds on an archway.
You will find Tuk tuks all over Sri Lanka.
They are the smallest in the hierarchy of traffic there,
but wonderful individual disguised vehicles.

Kuba - Manicaragua

On our trip over Kuba by bike we've seen this
amazing strange looking bus packed with people
in the middle of the mountains.


Havanna has so many wonderful houses,
but so many are abandoned and in need of renovation.
I'm wondering how that will work money wise.
The atmosphere visually for sure is amazing!

Februar 18, 2018


On my signing trip I had the chance to see
the wonderful oldtown of LeMans.

Life-drawing, short poses

I try to capture the pose without any line,
just coloured silhouettes.
In a way it looks a bit like kalligrafie.