November 21, 2007

colour doodl digitaly

after the movie "kingdom of heaven".

November 20, 2007

lizard johnny

peter oedekoven, a great artist from my studio also came up with a new book.
it´s a very funny, epic, sience fiction, surfer, rock´n roll story and it´s published by paquet in france.

gallery drawing for tirso cons

my friend tirso comes up with a great new book called "le manoir des murmures". it´s published in france by les humanoides associès. it was a pleasure for me to take part on this book. watch out tirso´s blog -

November 18, 2007


to come into the mood of colours i started making some scetches. for inspiration i will take some of the great tv-series. here it was battlestar galactica and heroes and i made it on photoshop. next time i´m gonna do it traditionaly.

layoutseite 04/05

November 14, 2007

figure drawing

ten minute drawings.

November 08, 2007

layoutseite 01-03

the story will start with a prayer...

November 05, 2007

layoutseiten 26-27

i really push the work on "la chronique des immortels"
i think, this way doing the layouts is much faster.
i will be able to paint over the layouts on computer and the layouts are also my scetches for the character-drawings...... but most i want to take care on the storytelling