November 14, 2007

figure drawing

ten minute drawings.


louis de La Taille hat gesagt…

impressive how accurente your life drawing are ! Especially for such short poses !! But I also find them a bit cold, due to that great precision wich doesn't allow the eye to make a work of reconstruction. Here, everything is given.
Anyway, i'm still glad to see those and wonder why no other people react to them.
thank you for sharing.

bog_art hat gesagt…

What amazing blog!!.. These sketchs are wonderful!!.. I really like your post "Templars initiation".. congratulations!!..

Thomas von Kummant hat gesagt…


the work of reconstruction happens in the head. it´s kind of concentration, that i try to practice on the life drawings. i once had a teacher who told me to use less lines as possible. egon schiele was one of his heroes.
in the end i don´t like my life drawings as well too much and i hope there won´t come the day i will:-)


thank´s for your coment. i´m happy you visited my blog.