November 16, 2006

colour scetch for "La Chronique des Immortels"

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Tirso Cons hat gesagt…

Hey, Thommy!
What's up, man? Great to meet you in the blogger-world! XD Great stuff to enjoy, my friend! thanks! Thanks for link me.

I hope see you in Anguleme. There are a lot of beers waiting for us!


mackenzie hat gesagt…

Hey Thomy,

Your blog has some amazing work on it. It is very inspiring. I hope everything is going well in Munich. I can't wait to see the next installment of "La Chonique des Immortels"
I'm looking forward to drinking more beers with you at next year's Sollies Festival.

Thomas von Kummant hat gesagt…

Hi Tirso

Great to hear from you!
Welcome on my Blog and thank´s for the compliments.
It was a pleasure to link your blog.
I´m really looking forward to meet you in Angouléme and talk.

Robert, old cocksucker:-)

Well, everything is allright over here.
The Blog is a great place to show new stuff and from next year on I will spend much time on "La Chronique des Immortels".
Check it out, my friend.

I´ve seen your oop-Illustrations in the new Spectrum - very cool. (I think you will have a lot of job offerings for book Illustration after this)

I hope to meet you again soon


Sarah Burrini hat gesagt…

Wow wow wow!!
I am and I always was highly impressed by your very professional artwork. So I am very happy to see that you have a blog where I can see more "Making Off"-Stuff.
I'm looking forward for more sketches!!

blabla hat gesagt…

Your work is amazing!
Great coloring!

Frasier Olivier hat gesagt…

Excellent. there is a lot of energy in your work. I put your Blog in my Links.

Unknown hat gesagt…

hallo thommy ich bin ein groser fan von dir, ich wuerde gerne deine officielle seite besuchen, mein name ist boris majstorovic, haha wie gehts man

Unknown hat gesagt…

ich hoffe du kannst dich noch erinnern encshuldige wegen meinem deutsch bin aus der uebung. meine adresse ist hey ich habe deine arbeit ein bischen verrvolgt von hier aus (sarajevo) und bin beeindruckt man.. also bitte melde dich und gib mir deine mail adresse.
gruesse an mccoolman

Anonym hat gesagt…

Good job ! I'm very impatient reading the full book ! Hope we'll meet again for a chat and, by the way, a nice drawing ;-)
All the best
Pierre-Paul (remember: Geneva, 32°, 10 June '06)

mackenzie hat gesagt…


Thanks for visiting my blog. Drinking beers at Sollies this year sounds like a good plan. How is the new book coming along? I can't wait to see it.
I'll talk to you soon.

Martin Wittig hat gesagt…

WOW!!! Amazing work!:)

HEN hat gesagt…

Stop wasting time with stupid sketches!
is time to realize finished comic pages!!!

I really hate you when you say something like:
"i do this sketch just to try the new program painter...."
grrr... grrr


Thomas von Kummant hat gesagt…

hello sarah
thank´s a lot for your nice words. i will post mor scetches:-)

hey goro
well, i can give it back to you. great stuff on your blog.

hey olivier
thank you for putting my blog on your linklist.
man, your comicdrawings are fantastic!!

it´s great that you found my blog, boris!!!!

pierre-paul, i hope we will meet again after finishing the second book.

it´s always a pleasure robert. and, i really want to see your children book:-)

thank you very much, martin. i´m glad you like my work.

hey gianfranco!!!!!
yes, yes, yes...... i know.... i won´t wasting time.... uhoh.....

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hier soir, j'ai vraiment accroché sur les illustrations de la bande dessinée de la LA CHRONIQUE DES IMMORTELS que j'ai failli ne pas lire car je devais ramener le tout à la bibliothèque aujourd'hui. Et lorsque j'ai daigné ouvrir la première page, j'ai été fulgurée par le sens de la perspective et du tri-dimensionnel. Les dessins étaient absolument sublimes. Je pense que je vais garder en mémoire votre nom. J'espère qu'il y aura une séquence à la chronique. I do hope you can read French. It's much easier for me to write with my first language. Especially when something touches me.